The Bridge-Business Consortium provides an exclusive portfolio of comprehensive business solutions that transform market knowledge, leading technology partners, and industry-defining thought leaders into a tangible strategy for your business optimization needs.

Digital Experience

Our focus is to educate, support, and assist organizations in accomplishing their vision by providing them with the most innovative and comprehensive range of mobile-based application services. Our vision is to empower organizations to be quick to market, efficient, and scalable, thus reaping the benefits of the emerging technologies today and in the future.

Enterprise Compliance

Offering end-to-end business process management with one enterprise compliance solution, we take your complex business processes and simplify them into one complete software package. Your software should work for you from “record-to-report” all the way to “Procure-to-Pay.” Simplify your business, and focus on what really matters.

Our Vision

  • Enhance enterprise IT systems from their current focus on efficiency to effectiveness and compliance.
  • Move applications from being a system of record (data) to a system of engagement (customer focus).
  • The key to doing business better is not to create new technologies rather it is the ability and skills to effectively innovate and create breakthrough applications within the evolving technologies.
  • Adopt and develop large scale data processing technologies to make real time business decisions.
  • Our Driving Force

    • Making "The BRIDGE" Successful Means Making "The Team" (Customers, Partners, Stakeholders) Successful
    • Innovating ALL the Time
    • Be Respectful - Be Responsible - Be Mindful
    • Always Moving with Focus and Passion
    • Compliance is a direct subset of governance

    Consortium Members

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