About Us

“The BRIDGE - Business Consortium” is an organization of likeminded individuals and organizations with a kindred belief that success is rooted in proven, established ideals that provide a sustainable competitive advantage in the market place. Our consortium’s foundation, at its very core, is fueled by the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking which acts as a catalyst for success. It is this commonality that is supported by business processes - efficiency and effectiveness gained through the deliberate and pointed application of technology and a market focus - that provide the bricks of a solid foundation. Our group’s approach is to leverage the absolute best from each member and impinge these talents on the problem at hand to facilitate success.

“The BRIDGE - Business Consortium” is a global information technology, consulting, and outsourcing company serving clients across the globe.

Our organization assists customers with business efficiency and effectiveness by leveraging our industry-wide experience, deep technology expertise, comprehensive portfolio of services, and vertically-aligned business model. We have an innovative approach towards delivering business value and its commitment to sustainability for those businesses looking to "differentiate at the front" and “standardize at the core”.
In today’s world, organizations will have to rapidly reengineer themselves and be more responsive to changing markets and customers’ needs. As a partner and co-innovator with businesses in their transformation journey, “The BRIDGE - Business Consortium” will assist in growth opportunities and facilitate movement into new sectors and markets.

Our Vision

  • Enhance enterprise IT systems from their current focus on efficiency to effectiveness.
  • Move applications from being a system of record (data) to a system of engagement (customer focus).
  • The key to doing business better is not to create new technologies rather it is the ability and skills to effectively innovate and create breakthrough applications within the evolving technologies.
  • Adopt and develop large scale data processing technologies to make real time business decisions.

Our Approach

  • Use new age development methodology, polyglot programming, development automation, and enterprise app stores for rapid response to market needs.
  • Tap into greater heights of efficiency by leveraging the magnitude of change in end user driven process experiences.
  • Linking into the power of technology and human networks, we can create a multiplier effect and bring large scale changes in operational efficiencies and productivity. This process creates new business models and reducing operational costs, thus giving a competitive advantage to businesses.

Our Strengths

  • Context aware and smarter products: With the proliferation of sensors and networks, newer products are being created. Many of these can be controlled by a smartphone and would be aware of the context they operate in.
  • Create multi-channel variable functionality with always-on computing architects for massive scale benefits, reducing cost per transaction.
  • Enhance and supplement touch points using new digital technologies and reducing human intervention.

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