WEB & Mobile Application Development & Integration

We strive to be more than your traditional modern mobility provider; we strive for a mutually beneficial, solution based approach to commercial success in the marketplace.

We are forging into an exciting era in the WEB and Mobile integration and application development markets as one of the industrys most extensive providers of solutions.

We are focused on delivering scalability and reliability by supporting WEB and Mobility software resource based services to help organizations move into the mobile integration marketplace.

Our focus is to educate, support and assist organizations in accomplishing their vision by providing them with the most innovative and complete range of mobile-based application and services that will allow organizations to reap the benefits of current and future emerging technologies.


Understanding and aligning with our customer needs, The Bridge - Business Consortium derives a nexus of technology, mobility, and social axioms; focusing all efforts on your business goals.

By stepping away from a classic consultative model, The Bridge leverages all the capabilities and experiences of our consortium to focus on what matters to your organization, and will be with you through your individualized paradigm shift; journey; and actualization of your goals.

It is this tailored ownership and mutual success that places onus on the results. Allow us the opportunity to display to you the difference a consortium of like minded teams can do for your organization.


Complete Business Solutions Simplified

Enterprise resource planning systems (ERP) drive value from your business through innovative and efficient technology.

What does delivering technology mean if it does not help you achieve your strategic business initiatives? Nothing!

Our ERP solutions and consultants go beyond implementing new software — they offer broader business perspectives to ensure your technology investment is well spent.

Managing data from every stage of business processes comes with a unique set of challenges. To meet the demands of business operations, you require a solution with comprehensive functionality that minimizes or eliminates complex customizations.

Hosting / Cloud / Infrastructure Management

When you want the best in enterprise IT services without massive investment, we can host your applications in the cloud. You will benefit from continual availability and greater cost control, as you only pay for what you use enabling you to create the space and time to innovate for business growth. Instantly access secure, reliable, advanced technology based in our SAS-certified data centers by selecting our managed cloud services. Moving some or all of your services to our cloud infrastructure gives you freedom without giving up control. Our suite of offerings range from;

User Experience Design (UI/UX)

Design is NOT about decoration. It’s about communication and problem solving.

Our focus is to always create positive experiences using best practices that aligns with users as well as business needs.

Our three stage four phase approach at design delivers an agile yet efficient framework allowing your stakeholders to take immediate action bringing conception and vision to reality.


How many times have we all leveraged technology only to realize the "widget" wasn’t the answer to our challenges?  Typically, it is the underlying inefficiencies that become barriers to success.
By mitigating these challenges in the initial stages of market differentiation, your company will be able to reduce design, development, and delivery cost; while being able to achieve agile to the ever allusive market dynamics.

The Bridge-Business Consortium provides an exclusive portfolio of comprehensive business solutions that balance: market knowledge; leading technology partners; and industry-defining taught leaders; into a tangible strategy for your business optimization needs.

We shed light on the below elements before they become a hindrance to your business goals;


By knowing, understanding, and mitigating the challenges for success, you have already taken the most challenging step towards success and positioned your organization for the future.

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